Wrestling Revolution 3D: Satisfies Your Thirst for WWE Action

Are you an avid fan of wrestling? Well, if you grow up watching epic wrestling matches in WWE, then you will be entertained by this game. From the developers of MDickie, Wrestling Revolution 3D is an action-packed wrestling game that features highly-entertaining elements similar to the actual wrestling matches.

Find out why this game is a great alternative if you want to play WWE wrestling game on PC:

Meet Your Favorite Wrestling Champs Again

If you’ve watched WWE before or if you’re currently watching it, you will be familiar with most of the characters in the game. Most of the wrestling champs featured are the popular wrestlers from the 80s until the present. From the 80s, among these characters are Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ric Flair, and even the legend Andre the Giant. The current wrestling superstars that you’ll also see in the game are Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Sheamus. Even the popular John Cena, Rey Misterio, and The Undertaker are also included in the game.

You Have the Power to Change the Overall Match

Here’s one thing you can do in this game that you can’t in actual wrestling matches – you have the power to change how the match will go. And that is true if you choose the Exhibition mode. Sure, you can say that there is no surprise if you will be the one to dictate how the match should go. But what’s fun in this game is that you can’t control the results, especially if you let the wrestlers fight alone without you controlling them. So if you want the match to have no referee or if you want the fight to be a cage match, go ahead and change the match setup.

Different Game Modes to Enjoy

The best thing about games with different game modes is that there’s an element of variety to it. Thus, playing the Wrestling Revolution 3D is never boring. In this game, the game modes include Training, Shows, Exhibition, Wrestling Career, and Booking Career. Each of these games offers exciting content to players. For example, if you want to train your chosen wrestler, you canto for the Training Mode. But if you want to simulate a career in wrestling, you can choose the Wrestling Career Mode.

The Game is Simply Funny

Most wrestling games have only one main objective: to beat your opponents. But in Wrestling Revolution 3D, you don’t just get to beat your opponents—you can make funny moments happen in the game. Among these moments include firing a fellow wrestler, paralyzing a wrestler, hitting a wrestler with a bell, and more. The possibilities are endless in this amazing wrestling game.

If you are looking for a great wrestling game, surely you will have fun playing Wrestling Revolution Thisthis game is not just a good alternative to WWE Game—it’s more than that as it gives you a unique and funny gameplay experience. Moreover, this game is not one that you should miss on out.

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