Bad Piggies: More Challenging Than Angry Birds?

A lot of people, kids, and adults alike are most probably familiar with the game Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment. The said game is a huge hit in the market as it garnered over a hundred million downloads worldwide and gained prominent recognition in the mobile gaming category. Years after the game’s inception, Rovio Entertainment takes on a new leap in the same game genealogy. Only this time, it’s the green pigs’ time to shine. This game is called Bad Piggies.

Three years after Angry Birds’ release, Bad Piggies was introduced to the public. Just like its predecessor, the game is widely accepted by a great number of players worldwide. In the same year of its release, it was awarded as IGN’s Best Mobile Game of 2012. With its recognitions and great positive reviews, the game is unsurprisingly a success like its predecessor.

So, what really makes Bad Piggies a great game to play? Read on.

More Challenging Than Angry Birds

Unlike its predecessor, the premise of Bad Piggies’ gameplay revolves around vehicle creation coupled with physics-based elements. Since your mission is to steal the birds’ eggs, you must create an effective contraption out of the given materials to steal the eggs successfully. Judging from the gameplay itself, you would say that the game is easy-peasy…

Now, let’s talk about the puzzle itself. If you find Angry Birds’ puzzles easy to solve, in Bad Piggies, they aren’t. Rovio sure did a great improvement in this spin-off as most of its open-ended puzzles that you need to solve are quite challenging. Sure, its gameplay and controls are nothing like most RPG or battle-royale games. Heck, even beginners can easily learn how to play the game. But here’s the thing: you may not progress each level quickly because it will take you more than 10 minutes to solve the puzzle (aka build an effective contraption)—unless you’re a genius!

Slow-Paced Game, But Rewarding

Because of the challenging puzzles, the game ends up being slow-paced. Therefore, this game isn’t simply meant to be played for the purposes of killing time or taking a short break from working. Instead, you need to pay full attention when playing this game. Anyway, if you end up winning one level, it will be rewarding on your end. That’s what makes a game more exciting to play, right?

Because this is a slow-paced game, one should keep in mind that this game isn’t meant for those who are very impatient. Since winning a level requires smart vehicle creation and the right timing, you need to be patient enough to achieve this. Or else, you’ll definitely get stuck at the same level.

Your Creative Skills Pushed to Its Limits

Speaking of smart vehicle creation, Bad Piggies will absolutely test how creative you are. Since this game requires you to create a variety of contraptions from the given materials (which by the way, comes in only 4-5 materials), you must be wise and creative enough to think outside the box. If you’re curious to know how creative you are, play Bad Piggies now and discover the extent of your creativity.


If you’re interested in playing a game that doesn’t just give you fun but can surely make an impact, Bad Piggies is a must-play. Despite its easy gameplay, its puzzles will definitely challenge your logic and creativity. What’s more, its audio-visual graphics are visually attractive as well. Therefore, Bad Piggies is surely not a game that will disappoint.

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