My Home – Design Dreams: A Game for Design Lovers

Truth be told, there are tons of home makeover games nowadays. But here’s the thing, not all of these games are worth playing at all due to a variety of factors. For one, there are not many “fun” elements in it. So if you play it often, you will get bored with it in the long run.

Good thing that there is one design game that’s worth the attention. That game is My Home – Design Dreams by ZenLife Games. Ultimately, this title isn’t just about you decorating houses and mansions—you will explore a whole lot of features that no other design games have offered.

Let’s take a look at what this game offers.

Design a Variety of Rooms

It’s common for most design games to offer a variety of rooms for you to design. Among these include bedrooms, living rooms, or even condo units. But what’s different in My Home – Design Dreams is that you don’t just get to design a home. Instead, you get to design your balcony, your pool, your backyard, and even your shop as well. Specifically, a fashion showroom. Now that’s something that not all home design games offer because, well, a showroom is not a house, right?

Another thing about this game is that you have more than a hundred design options available, including pieces of furniture, wallpapers, and other fun design elements. Dare we say that you won’t run out of design options with this game.

Easy Gameplay – Great for Any Ages

Unlike RPGs and 5v5 MOBA games, My Home – Design Dreams is for everyone. Whether you’re a mom who wants to take a time off from your house duties, a college kid who wants to take a break from studying, or even a grandma who wants to rest from watching her favorite noontime show, you can play this game. Thanks to its easy gameplay, all you need to do is to simply tap or click what is being asked. No need for you to learn any complicated controls.

Interactive Storyline

If you are fond of games with interesting storylines and different characters, then this game is absolutely a must-play. Besides decorating and choosing which furniture to add, you will also enjoy the fun storyline that this game offers. As you go along on your designing adventure, you will unfold more interesting stories in the game. You will also get to meet different characters like a landlord, a friend, and many more.

Play Match-3 Puzzles

If you are interested both in designing houses and playing match-3 games, you will be satisfied with playing My Home – Design Dreams. It’s what makes this game special because you don’t have to repeatedly design houses. In other words, it gives you variety, which helps make the game less boring to play with. Besides that, it’s rewarding since you don’t have to spend real money to buy coins—you earn them by winning challenging puzzles instead.

Ultimately, My Home – Design Dreams is the right game where you can channel your interior design creativity while having fun. If you want to unleash the design skills in you, play it on PC now with Nothing’s better than experiencing a more immersive house design on a bigger screen.

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